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Contact Dunk Requirements on Next Gen. I was watching a stream and wrote everything down so I could remember for when I make my builds. Here it is. I figured everyone would find this useful! Pro contacts: 84 driving dunk, 70 vert. Elite contacts: 92 driving dunk, 80 vert. Small contacts: 86 driving dunk, 85 vert , Under 6'5".NEW CONTACT DUNK REQUIREMENTS | NBA 2K24 NEWS UPDATENew chart was posted a few minutes ago ago. The fact that 5'10 *anything*s are being allowed to have contact dunk packages while 7'3 Centers are getting shafted is confusing as shit to me. We think there's a mistake in the chart. A lot of 7'3" bigmans get 75+ standing and 50+ driving dunks.

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NBA 2K24 Michael Jordan Build Michael Jordan Build NBA 2K24. The first thing that you will need to do is to go into the Custom Template. Then, set the Position to Shooting Guard.After that, set Michael Jordan's Height to 6'6″.Next, Michael Jordan's Weight, which should be 205 lbs.Finally, his Wingspan is 6'11".All that's left now is to allocate his Attributes.92. NBA 2k24 Best Slasher Build in 2K. Here are our recommended high dunk builds for Park or Rec / ProAm. Best Slashing Builds in 2k24.NBA 2K24 News, Tips, Locker Codes, Builds, Forums, Jumpshots, & More! Get W's and Become a Legend! ... NBA 2K24 BADGE REQUIREMENTS; NBA 2K24 ANIMATION REQUIREMENTS; NBA 2K24 BEST BUILDS; NBA 2K24 BEST JUMP SHOTS; ... Standing Dunk: 25: Post Control: 25: Mid - Range Shot: 90: Three - Point Shot: 92: Free Throw: 85: Pass Accuracy: 77:So, go through the below Contact Dunk requirements and use them accordingly for the best results: Standing Dunks Requirements. Pro. Standing Dunk 80+ Vertical 60+ Height at least 6’10” Elite. Standing Dunk 90+ Vertical 75+ Height at least 6’10” One-Foot Moving Dunks Requirements. Small. Driving Dunk 93+ Vertical 85+ Height under 6’5 ...Sep 10, 2021 ... In this video i will show y'all all dunk and layup animations, and driving dunk and layup requirements for each build.Without a solid dunk style in NBA 2K24, slamming the ball down will be both infrequent and weak so be sure to use the best animations. ... Over 6'5", Standing Dunk 65+, Driving Dunk 75+, Vertical ...How to Use the Badge Unlock Tool. If the first column of the row is green the attribute is REQUIRED to unlock the badge. If the first column of the row is yellow then that category is one of multiple options to meet the requirement and there are alternative yellow rows you could choose to unlock this badge.Certain contact dunk requirements in NBA 2K24 are worth noting for players. The requirements determine what type of dunks a Superstar can attempt in the game, ... Pro Standing Bigs Standing Dunk 80+, Vertical 60+, height at least 6'10". Elite Standing Bigs Standing Dunk 90+, Vertical 75+, Height at least 6'10 inches. ...Here is the the NBA 2K24 Ultimate Dunk & Layup Guide for current and next-gen, featuring every dunk, alley-oop, and layup package attribute requirement for your MyPLAYER, …Basic Dunk. PlayStation: Press and hold R2, then press Square to dunk.; Xbox: Press and hold RT, then press X to dunk.; PC: Hold down the Numpad 5 key, then press your shoot button.; Alternative Dunks. You can try different types of dunks while holding down R2/RT;. Two-Handed Dunk: Point the right stick toward the rim while …NBA 2k24 Contact Dunk requirements are 87 driving dunk, 75 vertical, and height 5 feet 7 inches to 7 feet 3 inches for Two Foot Pro dunk type. ... standing dunk, height, or vertical. These are the primary requirements. The major requirement for contact dunks in 2K24 is the driving dunk attribute since it is mandatory for 6 of the 8 dunk types ...Sep 26, 2023 ... Dive into this video as we construct a ludicrous Post Scoring Build equipped with a 99 Standing Dunk in NBA 2K24!Contact Dunk 8: Requires 90+ Standing Dunk, Height 6'10" or above; ... For a more visual representation of the All NBA 2K24 Contact Dunk Requirements, you might want to explore the tutorial video available on the BigJohnTV YouTube channel. This video delivers a hands-on demonstration, offering concise and easy-to-follow instructions. ...Developer-supported and community-run. Check out our Standing Dunk 90+ Must be above 6’10 To purchase and equip dif Apr 30, 2023 ... NBA 2K Tutes•38K views · 25:40 · Go to channel · THE HIDDEN POWER OF STANDING DUNK METERS IN NBA 2K24! LakerFan•76K views · 4:40 &middo... But for purposes of the video game, you need a speedy ce ADMIN MOD. 2K24 Animation Cheat Sheet. MyCAREER. I know how annoying it can be, trying to remember the Requirements for Animations WHILE in the Builder so I’m sharing this with y’all! The most common Animations that a lot of people aim for, all in one place! Didn’t include Starter 3 Animations because I know a lot of the Community won’t ... Standing Dunks Requirements. Pro. Standing Dunk 80+. Vertical 6

Pro Touch - Gives an extra shot boost for having slight early, slightly late, or excellent shot timing on layups. Layup timing must be turned on. Scooper - Quick scoop layup shot chances are improved with the new Scooper badge. Posterizer - Increases the chances of throwing down a dunk on your defender.Signature Dunks -- NBA 2K24 Finishing Animation Requirements. Signature Dunks. Type Package Driving Dunk Driving Layup Min Height Max Height Standing Dunk Vertical Season; Signature Dunks: Giannis Antetokounpo: 75: Any: 6'5: 7'3: 75: 50: Signature Dunks: Devin Booker: 80: Any: 5'7: 6'9: Any: 60: Future Season: Signature Dunks:Beyond this, you need to make sure that your players have the contact dunk requirements for attempting more advanced maneuvers. Article continues after ad. NBA 2K24: Standard Dunks . Here's a list of the Standard or basic dunks you can execute in NBA 2K24: Two-Hand Dunk: Run to the hoop using R2/RT and hold the right stick up while driving in ...Also, as you can see there are a vast number of animations with each having a specific requirement. To perform these or switch between the moves you need to simply : Then navigate to MyPlayer > Animations. Additionally, Impressive Lay-Ups and Dunks to your player is a creative way to play NBA 2K24.

Requirements: Bronze: 71 Driving Dunk or 71 Standing Dunk Silver: 83 Driving Dunk or 81 Standing Dunk Gold: 90 Driving Dunk or 90 Standing Dunk HoF: 97 Driving Dunk or 96 Standing Dunk . Coming in at number four best badge NBA 2K24, we have Precision Dunker.Dominant or Off-Hand Dunk: RT or R2 (sprint) + move and hold right stick left or right in close range. The right stick direction determines the dunking hand. Skill Dunk: RT or R2 (sprint) + move ...On NBA 2K24, the Current Version of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has an Overall 2K Rating of 97 with a 2-Way 3-Level Playmaker Build. He has a total of 41 Badges and 28 are Gold Level. The best aspect of Gilgeous-Alexander's game on 2K is his Outside Scoring. With an exceptional 98 Close Shot Rating, he consistently drains his shots when shooting ...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Nba 2k24. nba 2k24 next gen. 2k24. nba 2k24 gameplay. best st. Possible cause: Take your hands of the left stick after you back them all the way down. Then do a r.

Dec 20, 2023 ... THE BEST DUNK PACKAGES FOR EVERY RATING ON NBA 2K24! HOW TO GET A CONTACT DUNK EVERY TIME TUTORIAL ... If you enjoyed the content you just ...Standing Dunk 90+ Must be above 6’10 To purchase and equip different dunk styles influenced by some of the best players to slam it down, you must head to the MyPlayer tab in the MyCareer menu ...

Driving Layup – Any. Minimum Height – 5’7. Maximum Height – 6’4. Standing Dunk – Any. Vertical – 85+. That wraps up the contact dunk requirements in NBA 2K24. We hope you found this guide helpful. For more helpful content, be sure to check out our other guides like Locker Codes right here at Gamer Tweak.Kyrie IrvingBuild Template in 2k24. Gifted shot creator. Finishes through and around contact with ease. Unseen handles. Can score efficiently at all 3 levels. NBA 2K24 Kyrie Irving Build Template. Best Kyrie Irving Build in 2k24.

Mastering the NBA 2K24 layup timing is a lot easier All NBA 2K24 Jump Shots Requirements. The Jump shots in NBA 2K24 can be divided into 3 groups, those available for players under 6´5, those available for players between 6´5 and 6'9, and those available for 6'10 or taller players. Although the releases of all animations will only have the mentioned height requirements, you will need to reach a certain value on either Mid-Range or Three ... The success of the dunk will take into consideration the plaKevin LoveBuild Template in 2k24. Stretch four who is equ 25 Standing Dunk. 45 Driving Dunk. 95 Draw Foul. 65 Post Moves. 64 Post Hook. 74 Post Fade. 99 Hands. Playmaking. 74 Speed With Ball. 78 Ball Handle. 84 Passing Accuracy. 88 Passing Vision. 92 Passing IQ. Total Attributes. 2593. Athleticism. 75 Speed. 75 Acceleration.Big: Requires Standing Dunk 85+, Driving Dunk 70+, Vertical 60+, Height At Least 6’10”. Pro: Requires Driving Dunk 84+, Vertical 70+. Elite: Requires Driving Dunk 92+, Vertical 80+. Another tip to get more contact dunk animations is to equip the Posterizer badge, which is a dunking-centric badge that helps you Increase the chances of ... NBA 2K24 Template Build: Blake Griffin. Difficult to stop one Best Power Forward Build in 2k24. 2k24 Best PF Build. 6'8. PF - Small Ball Big. 6'9. PF - Gold Rebound Chaser + 80 Ball Handle.Standing Dunk Requirements in NBA 2K24. Type: Required Traits & Height: Pro Standing Bigs: Standing Dunk 80+, Vertical 60+, Height At Least 6’10” ... Sep 26, 2023 ... Dive into this video as wenothing. close shot is fundamental in bigs. just for tSep 14, 2023 ... The BEST DUNK ANIMATIONS MadWalrus. •• Edited. Just from my experiments on naming, in order of which they appear to create a name (for Wings and Bigs) 2-way: at least perim D or Int D at 88. Diming: at least 87 passing, but isn't consistent - if your build has too many words (see glass-cleaner below) it will drop diming from your build name. Shooting Badges. The Kobe Bryant build in 2K24 emphasizes his prowess Klay ThompsonBuild Template in 2k24. Dynamite shooter from mid to deep range. Can't be left alone at any distance. Disciplined defender who can guard both inside and out. View All 2K24 Build Templates. Height. Weight. Wingspan. Height. Kyrie Irving -- NBA 2K24 Finishing Anima[Contact Dunk 8: Requires 90+ Standing Dunk, Height 6’1NBA 2K24 Best SF Build. The Small Forward Best b Type Package Driving Dunk Driving Layup Min Height Max Height Standing Dunk Vertical Season; Layups: Small: Any: Any: 5'7: 6'9: Any: Any: Layups: Swing: Any: Any: 5'7 ...